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StationList-M (for Android)    


View FMLIST / MWLIST / MW-Offset data offline on your phone or tablet
User defined filter allow to show only the entries you need
Post your logs directly to Visual Logbook, uses just a tiny amount of online data.
Interacts with any SRCP-enabled  radio (like HDSDR / XDR-GTK)




Main page



At the bottom:

slider "dial" (3)
direct frequency entry (4)
range slider (6): km around QTH  


Tapping an entry tunes the radio (if connected)


Tapping the max-value (5) opens the band-selector (VLF, LW, MW, SW, OIRT, FM)

This sets the proper channel spacing also.



Turn phone / tablet horizontally to get a wider view

Controls are hidden in this position, to provide a largest view.




Channel-Mode (1): Shows only entries for current channel,

in this example limited to 345 km around QTH





Tapping on ITU (2) pops up the ITU selector (this example selected: D, DNK and HOL)

When finished, tap on Done or Back button





Setup page




If you have a SRCP-enabled radio (like HDSDR, XDR-GTK) then you can tune it from this app.

Also, StationList-M will follow when that radio gets tuned.

When checked the radio-name will appear below the checkbox indicating a proper connection.



Long-pressing an entry will open this popup-menu

Allowing amongst others to post that entry as a log directly to Visual Logbook

For this you must have filled in your personal VLB data in Settings






Tap to install StationList-M  V1.0.11

works only on Andoid 6 and higher



use this older version for Android v4.4.4 - 10

Tap to install StationList-M  V1.0.10



Join the discussion group here


Read what others write:

PlayDx article

HDSDR users:

additionally download HRD_RADIO_000.exe here.



unzip it into the HDSDR folder.
In HDSDR: Options / DDE to HDSDR,  select HRD and Tune


XDR-GTK users:

Konrad's GTK release now supports simple SRCP configuration.

(no more need to specify the IP-Adr on the GTK side)





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